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                                                                 The provenance of the beef

We have always known that CLB meat can be genetically traced and the parentage of the beef verified because all Certified Lowline Beef produced is at least 50% registered Australian Lowline. As all registered Lowlines have DNA and parent verification on record and have so for many generations, the meat itself can be tested. The DNA of the meat will establish the parentage of the animal that produced it, proving the provenance of the beef.

One enterprising producer, Cloudbreak Lowlines, has tested the system. Their butcher felt the carcass looked “different” from others he had processed. Mandy and Kell Tennent thought this would be a good opportunity to test the value and ease of the DNA traceability process.

They took a 3 x 3 cm piece of beef, froze it down and sent the sample in an esky by overnight courier to the Genetics Laboratory at the University of Queensland. There they performed MiP + PV testing. The results confirmed that the Cloudbreak’s registered Lowline bull was indeed the sire of the processed steer, which was unregistered.

The cost of the testing and transport was over $100, so it was not a cheap procedure – but priceless for peace of mind and being able to validate the traceability of the CLB product.

It is also a tremendous point of difference for our beef – we can scientifically substantiate the provenance of our beef!

It is a valuable tool – whether to ensure your beef is what you claim it to be, or to resolve an issue or query from a customer, or to track meat carcass quality genetics – a myriad of possible uses.

And unique to Certified Lowline Beef!