Commercial Breeding

The Role of the Australian Lowline in the Commercial Sector –
The quality of Lowline and Lowline cross beef has been increasingly recognised within the cattle industry, both within Australia and Internationally. Success in carcase competitions of Lowline influenced animals further serves to promote the value of using this heritage beef breed in commercial situations. By consistently winning taste test competitions, Lowline breeders have proven the quality of the meat.

Australian Lowline cattle, especially bulls, are now used in large commercial beef and dairy operations throughout Australia, USA and New Zealand. Lowline bulls have the genetic ability to :

  • reduce late maturity patterns
  • moderate herd frame size
  • reduce calving difficulties particularly in first time heifers
  • produce cattle that are more feed efficient
  • increase fat cover and marbling¬†
  • produce steers that will finish well on grass to produce high yielding carcasses.

All of the above are traits highly valued by the commercial cattle industry. The successful results of using Lowline bulls has expanded the demand, with dairy herds gaining the added advantage of an alternate income stream from the resultant Lowline influenced progeny. Using a Lowline bull also introduces a shorter gestation period. This enables dairy cows to enter milk production earlier. New Zealand dairies, in particular, have adopted the use of the Lowline bull and are reaping the rewards!

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) has introduced the Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) program to enable producers, who meet certain stringent and DNA traceability requirements, to market their beef using the CLB logo. ALCA actively promotes CLB. Initiatives for marketing Lowline and Lowline cross steers are only limited by your imagination.
The future is bright for the Australian Lowline breed with demand continuing to grow.
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