Breeding Lowline Cattle

If you are breeding, or intend to breed Australian Lowline cattle there are several pathways available to you. You can breed stud or seed stock, or become a commercial producer.

In every case you can also produce Certified Lowline Beef. Again, there are a variety of options available here. In addition there are Australian Lowline bulls available as AI sires (including some heritage semen) to use in any breeding program. If you are buying registered Australian Lowlines there is information provided to help guide you in your purchases.


Stud Breeding

Australian Lowlines are exhibited at all Royal shows and numerous country and regional shows in Australia and New Zealand. The Association also holds a trade site at Beef Australia. In addition to sales to new members, the breeders of registered Australian Lowline cattle have numerous markets available. The role of the Stud or Seedstock producer...

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Commercial Breeding

Australian Lowline cattle are now used in some large commercial operations throughout Australia and the USA. Lowline cattle have the genetic ability to reduce late maturity patterns, increase fat cover and marbling and produce steers that will finish well on grass to produce high yielding carcasses. The quality of Lowline and Lowline cross beef has...

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Lowline AI Approved Sires

AI Approved Sires

ALCA provides a service of registering sires from which Australian Lowline semen has been collected, these are referred to as AI Approved Sires. By-Law 7.6 sets out the conditions for AI Approved Sires, the process for gaining sire registration and a listing for AI Approved Sires. The By-Laws can be accessed from the Member’s area...

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Heritage Semen

This term refers to semen which has been donated to the Association, in the interest of preserving these genetics for future breeders. All semen is from AI Approved Sires, some of which date back to the early days of the Association. The main objectives of this program are: To maintain heritage genetics that might otherwise be...

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Produce Certified Lowline Beef

In today’s world, there are many avenues and opportunities for the smaller producer to enter the beef industry. Joining the Certified Lowline Beef programme provides many advantages including networking, advertising on the ALCA website, access to marketing materials and use of the Trademarked CLB Logo. Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) is a term able to be...

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Hints on Purchasing Cattle

The following is provided to assist prospective purchasers of registered Australian Lowline cattle. As all the appropriate Association rules and regulations are not included in the following, prospective purchasers seeking to clarify situations not covered below should contact the Association at Offspring of registered Lowline parents confirmed by DNA analysis can be registered. Only...

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