Australian Lowline – a heritage beef cattle breed

With a pure Aberdeen Angus ancestry, the breed, Australian Lowline, is unique in the cattle world. Having proven their suitability and viability within the commercial beef sector whilst also being ideally suited to the lifestyle farmer, Australian Lowlines are the breed of choice for many! Compact beefy cattle on a moderate frame!

Bred for functionality, conformation and performance from paddock to plate, this heritage beef breed is renowned for:

  • a particularly docile temperament
  • producing high quality beef finished on grass
  • calving ease
  • high fertility
  • breeding longevity
  • feed efficiency
  • and are polled

Whether you’re looking for the satisfaction of producing the genetics behind great beef, or into carcase competitions or showing, the Australian Lowline has much to offer both the novice and the experienced breeder. Become an ALCA member today and begin your Australian Lowline journey!

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Cancellation of Royal Shows 2021

Unfortunately, due to the prevalence Covid-19 in the eastern states of Australia, the EKKA in Queensland, Royal Adelaide Show in South Australia & Royal Melbourne Show in Victoria have been canceled. Many of the local shows have also fallen victim to cancellations too. The Feature Show for Australian Lowlines at the Royal Melbourne Show will…

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Zoom meetings for Promotion Groups

ALCA is recommending that PG’s try Zoom meetings for their AGM’s this year. It is a Covid safe way to meet and network with each other and may allow more members to attend than a face to face meeting. It is quite easy to set up. Only the organiser needs to download the app and…

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