Forms & Downloads

Below are the necessary forms and documentation required by ALCA to manage your stud herd with the association.  Instructions and forms to assist you with the required genetic tests (DNA, Parent Verification & Coat Color testing, if required) for the recording, registration and maintenance of your herd is also supplied.

This includes forms and information needed for health testing (BVDV – Pestivirus) required by some show societies, especially National Shows. These requirements by show societies are becoming more common.

We have provided a download for Stud Header Cards for shows, with an example. Also some useful hints & items you might want to have in your show box.

There are testimonials, documents and articles (PDF) below and throughout the website suitable for download that you might find useful for promotion of your stud and the breed.

The ALCA office has other promotional material – flyers, bumper stickers, fridge magnets – that are available for members to use for promotion.

If you need any of these please contact and they will be sent out to you.

ALCA Forms

ALCA Membership Form

Cattle Recording & Registration Form
* Instructions for Registrations/Recording using Registration Form
* Instructions for ONLINE Registrations/Recording
* How to Simplify your Cattle Registrations

Commercial Calf Recording Form

Certificate of Service (for Lease of Bulls & AI)
Female Lease Record Form
Embryo Transfer & Registration Form
Multiple Ownership Transfer Form
AI Sires Application Form
Personal Indemnity Form

Genetic Testing

Fact sheet – Hair Sample Collecting for DNA Testing

Geneseek/Neogen – DNA, PV & Coat Color Testing Form – Download ‘Public Cattle Genotyping Application’
Please note: Geneseek/Neogen has now taken over the Animal Genetic Testing Laboratory of the University of Queensland (UQ) for your hair testing
* Directions for use – Complete the spreadsheet (this is the Original). Print 2 copies – 1 for your records,  and 1 to be mailed with the tail hair samples to Geneseek/Neogen. Email the Original spreadsheet to GeneSeek so the details are on file, waiting for the samples to arrive.

Zoetis – DNA, PV & Coat Color Testing Submission Form (Member Information & Fees) – Page 1
Zoetis – DNA Samples Information Form – Page 2
* Page 1 & Page 2 should be sent together with your samples to Zoetis

Swans Vet Services – BVDV (Pestivirus) Ear Notch Testing instructions
Swans Vet Services –  BVDV (Pestivirus) Ear Notch Testing Form (Multiple samples)

Showing Cattle

Guidelines of Showing of Cattle – By-Law 11
Showing Uniform – By-Law 11.3
National Cattle Herd Health Statement Form – Version 24.10.2016
* Instructions for National Cattle Health Statement
Show Header Card Template
Show Header Card example
Equipment for Showing your Cattle

Tips For Herd Management

How to Tattoo Your Cattle
Tips on Heat Detection & Artificial Insemination (AI)
How to Vaccinate Cattle
Beef Cattle Vaccines – Prime Facts (NSW DPI)
How to Freeze Brand your Cattle

Promotional Material

Testimonials for Lowline Bulls – Beef Herds
Testimonials for Lowline Bulls – Dairy Herds
Testimonials for Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) – Chefs, Butchers, Producers & Consumers
2016 ALCA Journal – Advantages of the Lowline Cow
Cloudbreak Lowlines – Eungella Beef
Geelong East Quality Butchers selling Certified Lowline Beef (Stock & Land 2015)
Lowline Beef snags SA Buyers (Stock Journal 2016)