Certified Lowline Beef Outlets

This is where you can source your Certified Lowline Beef, either direct from the producer, from a butcher near you, from a local farmers market or even from a restaurant. Simply use the list below to find meat supplier close to you.

Can’t find anyone close to you? No problem, just post online your meat buyer request (form below) and somebody will contact you.

For more information, contact and ordering details simply click on the listing in your state or region! Here are the types of outlets used by Certified Lowline Beef producers.

Meat for Sale directly from the Producer

This is the place to connect directly with growers and producers of premium Lowline Beef, talk about the product and see what they have to offer! Whether you want an entire beast or just rib fillets or corned beef, these are the people to talk to – after all they are breeding and raising the beef for you. Click on the listing to connect with a producer.

Farmers Markets

These local markets are terrific places to find the best local produce straight from the grower or producers. Great places to go for a wander, talk directly with the people behind the produce and of course pick up some premium Lowline beef. These listings indicate where and when to find those selling Certified Lowline Beef at your nearest markets.


Butchers listed either stock Certified Lowline Beef or can access it for you to suit your requirements. They can offer advice, butcher to your request and are usually good for a chat!


More and more restaurants are becoming informed about and involved with Certified Lowline Beef, either as a regular menu item or as a special promotion. You can find them listed here as well.





Cloudbreak Lowlines & Eungella Beef

LikLik Lowlines

Timitch Hill Beef

Tom Kirby – Denbigh Downs



NSW/ACT Outlets

O’Hara Lowlines

K. & R. Prater – Prater

B.W. Wilton – Beaconsfield




Burrungule Boutique Beef

Glenlonny Lowlines

Glen Willow Lowline Stud

Annie’s Lane Lowlines






East Geelong’s Quality Butcher

Boulevarde Boutique Beef

Relics Cafe

Urila Lowlines

Wanamara Farm

Whitby Farm

Ardeen Lowlines



Norfolk Farm



Outlet information coming soon.



D. & C. Clee – Rancho Radiata

Request for Certified Lowline Beef

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