Herd Health

11951340_878005112274020_400053690491848154_nThere are always questions about the health of your cattle. This page is to assist ALCA members in understanding some of the more common problems or diseases that can affect cattle.

This information has come from state Government Agricultural Departments or research programs. Further information, if required, can be sought by contacting your local Government Agricultural Department or your local cattle Veterinarian.
Treatment of many of these problems will require Veterinary assistance and expertise.

Animal welfare is all important for the production of healthy livestock. The publication ‘A National Guide for Smallholder Livestock Producers’ produced by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is the first place to start reading.


  1. Botulism in Cattle
  2. Bracken Fern Poisoning
  3. Lantana Poisoning
  4. Photosensitisation in Cattle


  1. Cattle Lice
  2. Cattle Ticks – NSW
  3. QLD – cattle tick information including zones
  4. Tick Fever
  5. Pinkeye in Cattle
  6. Ringworm – control & prevention
  7. Warts on Cattle


  1. The Cattle Parasite Atlas (by MLA)
  2. Bloat in Cattle
  3. Calf Scours – treatment & prevention
  4. Cattle Worm Control – The Basics
  5. Liver Fluke – The Basics
  6. Mastitis in Cattle


  1. Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (Ryegrass Staggers)
  2. Grass Tetany – treatment & prevention
  3. Milk Fever – treatment & prevention


  1. Bovine Trichomoniasis
  2. Cattle Reproductive Diseases
  3. Vibriosis in Cattle

Viral Infections & Vaccinations

  1. Beef Cattle Vaccines
  2. Bovine Pestivirus (BVDV) Infection
  3. Clostridial Infections in Cattle
  4. Leptospirosis in Cattle – Zoonotic disease
  5. Three Day Sickness (BEF)

Other Information

  1. BJD (Bovine Johnes Disease) Beef Assurance Scores – Explanation Sheet
  2. New Approach to JD in Cattle
  3. Castrating Calves
  4. Confinement Feeding of Cattle in Drought