AI Approved Sires

ALCA provides a service of registering sires from which Australian Lowline semen has been collected, these are referred to as AI Approved Sires.

By-Law 7.6 sets out the conditions for AI Approved Sires, the process for gaining sire registration and a listing for AI Approved Sires. The By-Laws can be accessed from the Member’s area of the website.

An ALCA registered Lowline bull can be registered as an AI Approved Sire by an ALCA member. After completion of the AI Sires Application Form & payment of the recommended fee, the application will be submitted to Council for approval.

The listing of AI Approved Sires facilitates the registration of progeny from these sires – refer to By-Law 6.2.

Two AI Approved Sires lists are available:

  • The AI Approved Sires List contains approved AI bulls owned by current ALCA Members for 2019/2020.
  • Archived AI Sire Bulls: Use the online herdbook animal enquiry screen and select ‘Animals that are AI approved’. The database contains all the approved Lowline AI Approved Bulls dating back to the Foundation of the Association.
    Instructions for retrieval of AI Sires List from Database. The progeny of these bulls can still be registered with ALCA once DNA & PV has been provided & the normal fees paid.