Australian Lowline Cattle Association Membership

There’s lots of information here on the advantages of being an ALCA member. In addition to support from promotion groups in different areas and activities for youth members, there is merchandise available for you to browse. By using the member’s directory you can find members close to you and their contact details. Give them a call and have a chat about Lowlines and Lowline activities in your area.

Herd Health

There are always questions about the health of your cattle. This area is to assist ALCA members in understanding some of the more common problems or diseases that can affect cattle. This information has come from state Government Agricultural Departments or research programs. Further information, if required, can be sought by contacting your local Government...

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Showing your registered Australian Lowline cattle provides you with an opportunity to present them to potential purchasers and to other beef breeders.  Showing should be fun and enjoyable as well as serious business! It also presents a wonderful opportunity to speak with other breeders who are generally more than happy to share their experiences and...

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Become a Member

Joining the Australian Lowline Cattle Association allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a member. In addition to support from promotion groups in different areas and activities for youth members, there is the opportunity of meeting and networking with many like-minded people. There is also merchandise and promotional material available to...

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Members Directory

If you are looking for an ALCA member in Australia, New Zealand or overseas, click on the relevant area to find them. Lowline Member Listing NSW/ACT Lowline Member Listing QLD Lowline Member Listing SA Lowline Member Listing TAS Lowline Member Listing VIC Lowline Member Listing WA Lowline Member Listing North Island NZ Lowline Member Listing South Island NZ Lowline Member Listing USA...

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Promotion Groups

Promotion Groups form an integral part of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA). Currently all States in Australia have a Promotion Group (with Queensland having two to accommodate both the northern and southern areas). New Zealand has a Promotion Group in both the North and South Islands to support members. Each financial member of ALCA...

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Youth Activities

ALCA Youth membership is easily affordable and open to any young cattle enthusiast, who is 25 years and under, as well as schools that are interested in using Lowline cattle in their agricultural programs. Many youth members throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States already own and operate their own studs. Lowlines are moderate...

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