Produce Certified Lowline Beef

What is Certified Lowline Beef?

CLB logoCertified Lowline Beef is a term used by Australian Lowline cattle producers who have entered into an agreement with the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) to promote their beef.  Under the agreement certain requirements must be met by the producer.

Why choose Certified Lowline Beef?

By buying Certified Lowline Beef you are guaranteed of a minimum of 50% Lowline content. This means the meat is genetically traceable through DNA testing to at least one registered parent. The breed has a reputation for docility as well as Angus heritage which means better tasting, more tender beef. Lowlines are all polled eliminating the need for dehorning.

In addition, most producers of Certified Lowline Beef are small scale farmers that invest a lot in the welfare of their stock. They are passionate about the animals and the breed. They don’t use added hormones or mass production techniques and most are grass fed which gives a different flavour to the meat.

When you choose Certified Lowline Beef you are supporting local farmers and helping to sustain rural communities. If you are interested in where your food comes from, how it has been treated, healthy choices for your family and quality beef you need to buy Certified Lowline beef.

  • Smaller cuts for the health conscious consumer
  • Predominantly grass fed
  • Well marbled, tender and flavoursome with a beautiful texture
  • No HGP’s (hormone growth promotants) used
  • Locally produced throughout Australia, New Zealand and now the USA

To enter into an agreement, producers must be current members of ALCA and their beef must have a minimum 50% content of pure Lowline (traceable by DNA and parent verification processes)  This provides a guarantee of quality for the consumer and a product management tool (to help identify best beef producing genetics) for producers.

Where can I buy Certified Lowline Beef?

Certified Lowline Beef can be purchased direct from some producers, at farmer’s markets and through some local butchers. Details can be found via our list of Lowline Beef Outlets.

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Lowline Beef producer?

By signing a Producers Agreement  you are provided with an ideal opportunity to network and advertise via the ALCA website. Why not consider creating a co-op of fellow producers in your area? Perhaps you could supply your local butcher who could also advertise on the website, market under the Certified Lowline Beef banner and label your beef with Certified Lowline Beef stickers.

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