Promotion Groups

Promotion Groups form an integral part of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA). Currently all States in Australia have a Promotion Group (with Queensland having two to accommodate both the northern and southern areas). New Zealand has a Promotion Group in both the North and South Islands to support members. Each financial member of ALCA is automatically a member of the Promotion Group in their State/area.

Promotion Groups organise activities available to all members which provide an excellent opportunity for interaction, the sharing of experiences and gaining of knowledge from members who have been involved with Lowline cattle for longer periods of time. All ALCA members are more than happy to share their knowledge and help you in any way that they can. Information and support is also available from promotion groups in other States.

ALCA would like to encourage all members to become actively involved in your State/area’s promotion group, not only for the above reasons, but also because it gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with other breeders and to get helpful information on a range of issues. You may also have experience in areas that could be of benefit to other promotion group members, or to your promotion group in general (e.g. a background in advertising).

Each promotion group has a range of promotional material (banners, leaflets) that is available for you to use at any event that you attend. In many cases members of your promotion group will attend an event in your area to provide support and assistance. Brochures and promotional material are also available from ALCA.

Contacts for the Promotion Groups

Promotion Group Contacts 2017

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