Promotion Groups

These form an integral part of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA). Currently, we have groups in all Australian States, in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand and one in the USA.  Each financial member of ALCA is automatically a member of the Promotion Group in their State/area.

Promotion Groups organise activities, such as the On Farm Challenge, aimed at facilitating opportunities for interaction between members whilst being able to share breeding experiences and gain further knowledge. All ALCA members are more than happy to share their own experiences and help you in any way that they can. Information and support are also available from promotion groups in other areas.

There are many benefits to becoming actively involved in the relevant Promotion Group and ALCA  encourages members to do so. Through the sharing of knowledge and experiences not only do we as breeders benefit but the Association as a whole does and that is in everyone’s best interest. You may also have experience in areas that could be of benefit to other group members, or to your group in general (e.g. a background in advertising).

Each promotion group has a range of promotional material (banners, leaflets) that is available for you to use at any event you attend. In many cases, members of your promotion group will attend an event in your area to provide support and assistance. Brochures and promotional material are also available from ALCA.

North Queensland Promotion Group

Hello! Welcome to the North Queensland Promotion Group page. We are a friendly group of breeders who are passionate about Australian Lowlines. Our group encompasses the area from  Bundaberg in the south to the vast Far Northern region of Queensland. Given the great distance between members, it is easiest for us to hold our meetings...

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South Queensland Promotion Group

We are a group of people interested in Australian Lowline cattle. Our interests include education (11 schools within the group), stud owners, hobby farmers and those that like great quality meat. There are 20 plus shows each year that Lowlines participate in within the southern Queensland area. The biggest being the Royal Brisbane Show (EKKA)...

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New South Wales Promotion Group

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) is the national body, supporting state Lowline promotional groups.  The NSW Lowline Promotion Group (NSWLPG) in New South Wales promotes the Australian Lowline breed and members’ studs.  The group provides information, support and training days for members and interested people.  It’s a great way of meeting other breeders and become involved in...

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Southern Region Promotion Group – Victoria & Tasmania

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) is the national body, supporting state Lowline promotional groups. For Victoria & Tasmania, the Southern Region Promotional Group (SRPG) is the body that promotes the breed and members’ studs in those regions. The group provides information, support and training days for members and other interested people. It’s a great...

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South Australian Promotion Group

If you would like to know more about Lowline cattle or join the South Australian members in the South Australian Promotion Group please contact – Chairperson – Klaus Emmerich 208 Glen Lane Tantanoola SA 5280 Ph: 08 8734 4452 Mobile: 0401 392 313 Email: Secretary – Anne Williams PO Box 952 Mount Gambier, SA 5291...

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New Zealand – North Island Promotion Group

We have an exciting event coming up in February 2020 – the Lowline Summer Field Day. The North Island Lowline Promotion Group invites all Members and interested Australian Lowline Cattle admirers to the upcoming Summer Field Day to be held in Taranaki. For all the details and to reserve your place click here If you...

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New Zealand – South Island Promotion Group

Welcome to the South Island Lowline Promotion Group Page. We are a small group of breeders, with diverse backgrounds which include moteliers, veterinarians, and journalists just to name a few, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, and that’s our love and passion for Lowlines. At least once...

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