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The Identifier Year Letter for 2023 is U

The 2021 DNA GUIDE to help members transition from MiP to SNP testing is available here


Herd Book Database Login

By-Laws Explained

Fees for ALCA services

Please purchase and pay for all ALCA services online via the  Lowline Shop

ALCA Forms & Guidance

Registration & Transfers

  1. Guidelines For How To Register Your Cattle
  2. Guidelines for How to Transfer Your Cattle
  3. Instructions for Registrations/Recording using the Registration Form
  4. Instructions for ONLINE Registrations/Recording

Guidance for Promotional Groups

Genetic Testing

Showing Cattle

Further information on Showing can be found here

Tips for Herd Management

Further reading/links on Herd Health can be found  here

Promotional Materials

Copies of either the Lowline Logo (TM) or Certified Lowline Beef Logo (TM) are REGISTERED TRADEMARKS for the Australian Lowline Cattle Association and are available to ALCA members only. Please contact the ALCA Office
Lowline branded merchandise and promotional materials are available from the Lowline Shop

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