Hints on Purchasing Cattle

The following information is provided as guidance to prospective purchasers of Australian Lowline Cattle. NOTEwith DNA traceability back to the Foundation Herd as a requirement, proof of registration is the ONLY guarantee you are buying 100% Lowline. Therefore, it is recommended by the Association that you buy registered Lowlines.

As all the appropriate Association rules and regulations are not included in the following, prospective purchasers seeking to clarify situations are advised to contact the Association –  lowline.registrar@abri.une.edu.au

Australian Lowline Cattle are

  • All black or all red
  • Traditionally moderate in frame size
  • Naturally polled – i.e. no horns
  • A copy of the Breed Standards can be found here


  • Buying registered stock from a current ALCA member ensures the registration requirements have been adhered to
  • To enable the registration to be transferred the purchaser must be an ALCA member
  • Have you seen the relevant registration certificate of the animal for sale?
  • Is all information current, correct and refer to the animal and the vendor in question?

Why do we require DNA proof for registration of Australian Lowline cattle?

  • To ensure that the Australian Lowline remains a pure heritage beef breed
  • To maintain consistency and quality
  • To maintain the accuracy of the Herd Book (the register of Lowline cattle)
  • To protect your investment (i.e. no grading up to purebred status)
  • To ensure the registered animals you buy are parent verified and DNA tested as genuine Lowlines