About Our Association

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) is a cattle breed society focused on Australian Lowline Cattle which was formed in 1992 with the foundation of the breed.

ALCA is a member association incorporated under NSW legislation, managed by a Council of elected members and supported by a Secretariat.

The roles of ALCA include:

  • Lowline cattle registration
  • membership administration
  • promotion of the breed and the Association
  • a secretariat for member and industry contact
  • promotion of Certified Lowline Beef (CLB) and CLB producers
  • communication and information services in support of the other functions
  • preservation of breed history and data.
Gordon Guthrie ALCA President

Gordon Guthrie ALCA President

Gordon and his wife Debbie operate the Ashmore Lowline Stud located near Ashburton on the fertile Canterbury plains of New Zealand.

The Guthries have been successfully breeding, showing and selling Lowline cattle for nearly 20 years. Since importing their original five heifers from Australia the Ashmore herd has grown to now maintain a regular herd of fifty breeding females.

Outside the cattle stud, Gordon maintains a full-time day job as the General Manager of the local electricity distribution company as well as holding roles on other community boards and committees.

Julie Knight ALCA Vice President

Julie Knight ALCA Vice President

My husband, Greg and I have been breeding Lowlines for over 20 years. Originating in Taradale, Central Victoria in 1995, Wanamara Lowlines are now situated in the much warmer and drier climate at Major Plains, near Dookie in Northern Victoria.

Our Wanamara genetics are well known in the show ring and overseas. Our bulls are mainly sold to beef and dairy producers and steers for beef. It has been a lot of hard work but very satisfying.

I was elected to Council in 2012 and my intention as an ALCA Councillor is to promote this wonderful breed of cattle.

ALCA Council Members

Back row (left to right), Gordon Guthrie (NZ), Phillip Worthington (NZ), Colin Schiller (Qld), Klaus Emmerich (SA)
Front row (left to right) Lucy Kuipers (NSW), Julie Knight (Vic), Michele Molloy (Qld) Carole Johns (Executive Officer)
Absent: Ku Lacey (Qld)

Councillor contact details


ALCA Life Members

Life membership of the Association has been given to members as acknowledgement for their contributions to the breed.

Ian Pullar, Brambletye Stud

Andrew Ristrom, Elandra Park Stud

Tammy Breuer, Allambie Stud

Des Owens, Mugga Stud

Peter & Jeanette Stebbins, Ardrossan Stud



Foundation Members

When ALCA was formed in 1992, the first 25 members of the Association were named as Foundation members of the breed. Many of these stud names can be found in the pedigrees of today.

2016 Journal – Beneath A Gum Tree – Foundation of a Breed.

Forms & Downloads

Below are the necessary forms and documentation required by ALCA to manage your stud herd with the association.  Instructions and forms to assist you with the required genetic tests (DNA, Parent Verification & Coat Color testing, if required) for the recording, registration and maintenance of your herd is also supplied. This includes forms and information needed for health...

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The Association Documents

ALCA Council Details 2018-2019 ALCA Constitution ALCA By-Laws ALCA Drug Policy ALCA Privacy Policy

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ALCA Newsletter November 2018 ALCA Newsletter October 2018 ALCA Newsletter August/September 2018 ALCA Newsletter June/July 2018 ALCA Newsletter April/May 2018 ALCA Newsletter March 2018 ALCA Newsletter January/February 2018 ALCA Newsletter December 2017 ALCA Newsletter October/November 2017 ALCA Newsletter September 2017 ALCA Newsletter July/August 2017 ALCA Newsletter June 2017 ALCA Newsletter May 2017 ALCA Newsletter April...

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Whether you are new to cattle or are an ‘old hand’ at farming, there will always be something you need to find out about concerning animal husbandry, farming practices, shows, state regulations, or the beef industry. Below are suggested links to help find those answers. Australian Lowline Cattle of America (ALCOA) – Australian Lowline Cattle...

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If you are a Lowline cattle owner or are thinking of purchasing some of these great animals, below are some frequently asked questions about them and becoming a Lowline (ALCA) member. If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please contact the ALCA office. Australian Lowline cattle have descended from Aberdeen Angus,...

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