Breed Information

The Australian Lowline Cattle breed is unique in several ways. This area of the website will inform you of the advantages and history of the breed, including its benefits, its history and testimonials about Lowline Cattle. You might also like to take a look at our breeding Lowline Cattle information.



Australian Lowline Cattle are bred pure from Aberdeen Angus genetics originating from Scotland and Canada, developed in Australia to suit sustainable and lifestyle properties. Learn more about the history of Lowline Cattle. Only the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) has registered cattle that are DNA-typed and parent-verified to prove the cattle are true Australian Lowlines. Lowline...

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Lowline Cattle Breed Standards

Breed Standards

The Breed Standards are included in the ALCA Constitution, Schedule A, click here for a copy.

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Australian Lowline Cattle have descended from Aberdeen Angus cattle and were introduced into the Trangie Research Centre by the NSW Agricultural Department in 1929. 1929 to 1963 – top-stud Aberdeen Angus cattle were imported from Canada and later herd sires from America, Scotland and some well-known Australian Angus studs were purchased to form the foundation of...

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Lowline Cattle Breed Testimonials


Many cattle producers are illustrating the numerous Benefits of breeding and using Australian Lowline cattle.  And they are pleased to share these experiences and their improved operating outcomes. Read testimonials from satisfied clients who are now using Lowline bulls in their beef herds and dairy operations. The popularity of Certified Lowline Beef is quickly growing. Read...

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