Lowline Breed Information

The Australian Lowline Cattle breed is unique in several ways – discover the benefits of owning Lowline cattle, their unique history, answers to freqently asked questions and points to consider before making a purchase. Learn why Lowlines are the choice of breed for so many!



The versatility of this breed makes it the ideal choice for commercial farming, use in agricultural programs at schools and for lifestyle farmers. Some of the attributes and traits for which the breed is renowned are: the beef is of excellent quality —  well-marbled, tender and flavoursome with a beautiful texture compact frames being approximately...

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  The officially registered breed name is, Australian Lowline ( Lowline is the abbreviated breed name).  These cattle are descendants of the Aberdeen Angus cattle imported into the Trangie Research Centre, in 1929, by the NSW Agricultural Department. 1929 to 1963 – top-stud Aberdeen Angus cattle were imported from Canada and later herd sires from...

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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please contact the ALCA office. The breed, Australian Lowline, has descended from Aberdeen Angus imported from Canada and traceable back to the herds in Scotland. A herd was formed in Trangie, NSW and developed to...

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Hints on Purchasing Cattle

The following information is provided as guidance to prospective purchasers of Australian Lowline Cattle. NOTE — with DNA traceability back to the Foundation Herd as a requirement, proof of registration is the ONLY guarantee you are buying 100% Lowline. Therefore, it is recommended by the Association that you buy registered Lowlines. As all the appropriate...

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Lowline Cattle Breed Standards

Breed Standards

The Breed Standards are included in the ALCA Constitution, Schedule A, click here for a copy.

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