Grow your own beef using Lowline cattle

March 17, 2016

Paddock to plate goodness for your family

Grow your own beef! It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound to the average person, thanks to Lowline cattle which are compact and easily managed. If your home is on acreage, you have a small hobby farm or access to use paddock space – you can grow your own beef!

The ‘paddock to plate’ movement is gaining momentum as more people demand quality and want to know exactly where what they’re putting in their mouths has come from. When it comes to beef, your family deserves the best. While Lowline beef is renowned for its great taste, it’s also a source of energy boosting B vitamins – important for growing families.

Lowline cattle are directly descended from original Aberdeen Angus cattle, meaning you get the great taste and quality of Lowline beef, with all the benefits of the compact Lowline breed.

Lowlines are a manageable size, so they’re perfect for hobby farms and less intimidating around children and the elderly. Lowline cattle also have a pleasant temperament so they’re easier to manage. Some say what they lose in height they make up for in beef! With a medium-sized carcass, you’ll find your freezer filled with healthy Lowline beef, without needing to source or purchase multiple chest freezers.

If you’re new to the idea of growing your own beef, but want to jump on board the more sustainable paddock to plate movement, contact ALCA. We are constantly welcoming new members and offering advice about Lowline cattle and beef production.