Keen Teen Wins Supreme

March 16, 2016

It has been almost 3 years since my 17 year old nephew, Matt Cooney, made the big move to live with me at Rotherwood Lowline Stud in Cann River, Victoria.

His growth and progress never ceases to amaze me and I would like to share this lovely story with everyone who has come to know and love Matt. Also for those who are new to our amazing Australian Lowline breed, I hope you enjoy this article.

Matt came to live with me (his aunt) in remote Cann River in far East Gippsland from the hectic life in Melbourne. Matt now has a natural ability and extremely strong passion for farming and cattle – particularly Australian Lowlines.

Matt proudly won Junior Champion Female at the 2014 Royal Canberra Show with his beloved heifer, Rotherwood Hula Girl, his first show. She was the first animal he purchased from me to start his stud, Cann Valley Lowlines. Unfortunately Matt learnt that disappointment is part of life when Hula Girl was injured a few weeks later and had to be withdrawn from Sydney Show. Matt still put on a brave face and came along to Sydney with the Rotherwood Team where he continued to soak up the show experience.

Matt was awarded ‘The Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award’ sponsored by the Australian Defence Force for initiative. It was not really a surprise to me as Matt is always trying to help his friends at school to be positive and responsible and is a great team player in all aspects of his life.

After just two Royal Shows, Matt won Supreme Exhibit at the 2015 Royal Canberra Show with the stunning Rotherwood Glamour Girl, who Matt had been trying to convince me to sell to him for over a year. Glamour Girl had previously won Supreme Exhibit as a 14 month old heifer at the 2012 Royal Melbourne Show.

The judge, Diana Woods’ comment at Canberra was “WOW. WHAT A COW!” This gave me a wonderful feeling to think that I had bred such a lovely animal & many people were genuinely pleased to see Matt take out this highly prestigious award at such a young age, so early in his career.

I would like to sincerely thank many Lowline breeders, handlers, fitters and other cattle owners who have opened their arms and shared advice and knowledge so willingly with Matt. I am sure some interesting conversations with Matt would have taken place with many of you.  You would all know Matt’s keen passion and knowledge of his own animals and yours!

Well done Matt and good luck. Never forget I am always here for you!

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