Here you will find Australian Lowline cattle for sale in easy to locate categories. In addition to Lowline cattle for sale, you will also find listings for semen or embryos, bulls, weaners or cows and calves. Both stud and commercial animals are listed.

If you are a prospective buyer of registered Lowline cattle you need to ensure that the animals are fully registered at the time of purchase, if you wish to breed and register future progeny bred from these animals. Buyers are advised to make these enquiries before they finalise their purchases. Please see Hints on Purchasing Lowline Cattle.

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For Sale Commercial Lowline Heifers

May 3, 2019

Kawala View Lowline stud, French Island, Victoria has several commercial heifers for sale.

Ages range from weaners to 2 years old and in calf.
Prices starting from $ 500. Delivery can be arranged.

Contact Justin for further details.
Mobile: 0418 777 763
PIC Number 3BSAN066.

Stud Bull Calves For Sale

May 2, 2019

The Cottage of Le Vallee Ned (Herdbook #14193 )Sire: Darkstar Jinxie
Dam: Benaroon Genie
DOB: 13 Sep 17
Price: $1000.00

The Cottage of Le Vallee Milo (Herdbook # 12296)
Sire: Darkstar Jinxie
Dam: Benaroon Genie
DOB: 21 Sep 16
Price: $1500.00

Pictured below is their Sire Darkstar Jinxie

The cattle are located in the Coffs Harbour District.
Tony on 0419253668



May 1, 2019

We have 7 young steers for sale at attractive pricing. Each is vaccinated, weaned and healthy.  These young steers have been very popular in the past, and usually sold out in advance, but with my broken leg last year our selling activities were postponed until now.
2 x (Dec 2018 drop … FLFP011, FLFP012) at $400 + GST = $440 each
5 x (Jan 2018 drop … FLF P006, FLFP007, FLFP008, FLFP009) at $500 + GST = $550 each
1 x (2015 drop FLFJ001) at $600 + GST = $660

Further details available at

Contact: Rod McNeil, FIDDLELEAF Lowline Stud, PIC 3MRSW261
Mobile: 0448 590 300



Having now recovered from breaking my leg 12 months ago, we have the herd back on track and we are 100% operational again.  HOORAY!!

With the arrival of our wonderful new red bull FIDDLELEAF RED PHANTOM last December, we have decided to focus 100% on breeding red Lowlines ….. just to keep things interesting after 11 years in the breed. Accordingly, we are making available for sale our mighty bull HERCULES for $1200 + GST, as well as several of our E/E (ie black coated) Lowline heifers, namely JOELI, LOLA, LULU ($1200 + GST each) and PENELOPE ($600 + GST).

Full information can be found on our web site  We can provide pictures as required (we have been a little busy with the cropping programme).

Contact: Rod McNeil, FIDDLELEAF Lowline Stud, PIC 3MRSW261
Mobile: 0448 590 300

Tarrawarra Lowlines – 19 month old Bull for Sale

April 29, 2019

PIC No: 3YRHP054
Tarrawarra Gerard –  Eligible for ALCA registration
Dam: Tarrawarra Anastasia AI (TWAG006)
Sire: Tarrawarra Eclipse AI (TWAL081)
Price: $2,300.00 inc GST. Free delivery in Victoria

Tarrawarra Gerard is a sweet natured, large framed young bull with excellent muscling and good feet. Suit commercial Lowline breeder wanting to maximise dressing out percentages and profit from their cattle.

Contact –  Jacqui Feagan    Mobile: 0409384077  or  Email:

Vern Park Lowlines Drought Sale

April 9, 2019

Registered females for sale:

Kougari Nadine DOB 20/10/2017

GVL Fanny DOB 23/04/2010

Vern Park Prudence DOB 13/10/2018

Vern Park Lucille DOB 16/05/2015

Vern Park Nanette DOB 21/08/2017 – DNA pending

Registered Bulls for sale :

Vern Park Pioneer DOB 04/05/2018 – Calf Champion Bull Toowoomba Royal 2019

Vern Park Nero DOB 08/01/2018 – Grand Champion Lowline Bull Toowoomba Royal 2018

– Reserve Champion Senior Bull Toowoomba Royal 2019

Commercial stock – not registered

1 Cow – 4.5 years old

1 Heifer – 5 months in calf

1 Heifer – 18 months and in calf

1 cow and calf – calf born 18/09/2017

2 steers – born 20/10/2017 & 13/09/2017


Contact Jamie Smith, Vern Park Lowlines, for all enquiries.

Phone 07 5426 4501 or Mobile 0467 695 703

Wanamara Females For Sale

March 11, 2019


Heifers for sale – Wanamara Lowlines 
Price: from $1700 + GST

Quality heifers, ages ranging from 6 months to 2 years, from a variety of top Wanamara bloodlines. Suitable for show heifers or stud breeders. The older heifers are ready to join but as we are still in drought conditions I have kept them empty until the conditions improve.
Some heifers are ALCA registered but the others are recorded on the ALCA database & will be registered on purchase. Vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestigard, Multimin/Vitamins & routinely drenched.
Packages available so ring to discuss your needs.

Contact Julie 0427539795
PIC No: 3DTAR106


Belgium Bantam Chickens for sale

Belgian bantam chickens for sale

February 5, 2019

Belgian D’uccle bantams for sale – cockerals, pairs and trios available. Delightful backyard chickens, easy care, docile, cheeky, friendly. Booted bantams – have foot feathering. Add some colour to your yard ! Mille fleurs and porcelains and some non standard colours including buffs. Good layers and also great mums! Transport and fertile eggs can be arranged.

0413 147 652
07 4935 4033

For Sale – Lik Lik Maximus

February 2, 2019
Sire: Elle Kay Gunargarang
Dam: Lik Lik Heiress
Dob: 28/11/2016
Reserve Junior Champion Bull Beef Australia 2018
Lik Lik Maximus $2500 + GST
please call 0746961549/0419716376

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