Zoom meetings for Promotion Groups

July 1, 2021

ALCA is recommending that PG’s try Zoom meetings for their AGM’s this year.

It is a Covid safe way to meet and network with each other and may allow more members to attend than a face to face meeting.

It is quite easy to set up. Only the organiser needs to download the app and the invitees can join through their own browser e.g. Google Chrome. If you are a PG chairperson or executive thinking of this option, it may be a good idea to survey your members first to determine a suitable date and time. There are several useful You Tube videos with step by step explanations on how it can be done. Try this video on your browser to get started.

Once your meeting has been set up then you simply invite the PG members to join at the appropriate time via email. You may contact Katrina at Office if you have problems.