Winter Tips for your Lowline Cattle

June 16, 2016

11986537_879245228816675_1754663170146636104_nLike it or not, winter is here and there are a few things we need to do to keep our Lowlines comfortable and healthy for the next few months.

For those who calve in Autumn/Winter, remember that cows need good feed to keep up a milk supply. During cold weather available dry feed (hay) is even more important so the cows can keep themselves warm as well as produce enough milk for their growing calves. Breeding cows need to maintain reasonable body condition so they can get back into calf and maintain a pregnancy, as well as feed a calf.

Grass tetany is a problem some farmers might face when the weather is cold & available pasture is short and green. Feeding hay and having magnesium lick blocks can help avoid this. Other magnesium based products are also available. Further information can be found in the MEMBERS AREA in HERD HEALTH.