If you are a Lowline cattle owner or are thinking of purchasing some of these great animals, below are some frequently asked questions about them and becoming a Lowline (ALCA) member. If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please contact the ALCA office.

Where did Lowline cattle originate?

Australian Lowline cattle have descended from Aberdeen Angus, with the first Aberdeen Angus cattle being imported from Canada. A herd was formed in NSW and developed to supply quality genetics and beef to the industry. Decades of research and testing ensued and eventually, the Lowline cattle were sold to an open market, the original purchasers joined to form the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA). The breed gained momentum ever since and is now a highly-regarded breed in Australia and overseas, with numerous testimonials from producers, chefs and more.

You might like to learn more about the history of Australian Lowline cattle, including a timeline since the breed was introduced to Australia.

What are the benefits of the Lowline breed?

The benefits of Australian Lowline cattle are many! However, some of the main benefits of this compact breed include:

  • excellent feed efficiency
  • low birth weight, reduces impact of calving in heifers
  • perfect for small and large farms – can fit more cattle on large farms due to compact size
  • a tasty source of beef and medium-sized carcases fit better in freezer storage!
  • excellent for breeding in beef and dairy herds, producing healthy cattle that are incredibly efficient.

What are the benefits of becoming an ALCA member?

When you become an ALCA member you will benefit from a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere, from people who share a passion for the beef and dairy industries, from chefs to producers and hobby farmers! You will have access to our promotion groups and materials, youth activities and support from other members with years of experience with Lowline cattle.

Do Lowlines produce restaurant-quality, tasty beef?

Absolutely – Lowline cattle produce excellent-quality beef that tastes great. Lowline beef is tender and tasty, thanks to being naturally well-marbled with a wonderful texture. There are numerous testimonials from chefs about the quality of Lowline beef and why they choose to put it on their menu.

I’ve heard the compact size of Lowlines can benefit my dairy herd – how?

Australian Lowline cattle are compact, mature early and have low birth weights! This makes breeding smoother, more efficient and effective, with better outcomes. Using Lowlines to breed your dairy herd will place much less stress on your heifers while producing sought-after beefy calves that fetch decent prices at markets. Click here for Testimonials.

How do I get NLIS tags for my cattle?

Before you can get NLIS tags for your cattle you must have a Property Identification Code (PIC). Forms for PIC registration are available through your State Government Agricultural Department.

For more information read ‘NLIS Cattle: Getting started for Cattle Producers’ document.