Many cattle producers are illustrating the numerous Benefits of breeding and using Australian Lowline cattle.  And they are pleased to share these experiences and their improved operating outcomes.

Read testimonials from satisfied clients who are now using Lowline bulls in their beef herds and dairy operations.

The popularity of Certified Lowline Beef is quickly growing. Read what some Chefs, Butchers, CLB Producers & Consumers say about the quality & taste of this product. If you would like to know more, visit Produce Certified Lowline Beef.



Coonong Station, a large NSW Riverina sheep and beef farming operation of 27,000 hectares between Urana and Jerinderie, purchased their first Lowline bulls in 2007.

They had calving troubles with their Hereford heifers and tried using bulls from other breeds over the years but were still pulling calves or losing heifers calving.

Sophie Holt says ‘The use of Lowline bulls for a heifer’s first calf was a sensible option. By getting 100 per cent live calves & having 100 per cent to wean is the best outcome for any producer.’

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Girgarre Dairy Farmer, Ross Wheeler made the decision to use Lowline bulls in 2014 after having a disasterous calving season the year before with his Holstein heifers.

‘I decided to try using the Lowine because my neighbor has been using a Lowline bull for years & swears by them. I have seen the healthy black calves he sends off to market which is always a bonus’

READ MORE from satisfied clients who are now using Lowline bulls in their dairy herds



Celebrity Chef, Matt Golinski – ‘During a recent trip to the Whitsunday Region for the Farm to Plate Celebration Dinners I had the opportunity to sample Eungella Beef’s grassfed Lowline beef.

I was extremely impressed by the flavour, texture and consistency of the product and their obvious passion for their animals, and their industry.’

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