Heritage Semen

Heritage semen refers to Australian Lowline genetics that have been donated by current or past ALCA members from AI Approved Sires with semen from some Lowline bulls dating back to the early days of the Association.

The main objectives of this program are:

  • To maintain heritage genetics that might otherwise be lost
  • To preserve and maximize genetic diversity
  • To provide a repository for semen as members retire and wish to donate to ALCA
  • To provide cost effective semen to members and non members for AI procedures to promote the Lowline breed

Please refer to ALCA Heritage Semen Guidelines for further information and conditions of the program.

Heritage Semen for Sale

Purchase Heritage Lowline Semen

Purchasers of this semen are required to submit an ALCA Heritage Semen Release Form and make payment direct to ALCA Office. The Release Form will be completed by ALCA and sent to the storage facility to enable  release of the semen to the purchaser.

The purchaser will be responsible for any fees relating to the handling, dispatch and transport of the semen to their required destination.  The purchaser should consult with Total Livestock Genetics P/L to organise shipment.

Donate Heritage Lowline Semen

ALCA offers this opportunity to any interested member or past member to donate Heritage Semen. All bulls with donated semen MUST be registered with ALCA as AI Approved Sires. Resulting calves from the use of purchased semen can be registered with ALCA provided the usual DNA & PV are provided & fees are paid.

For semen donations, please fill out the ALCA Heritage Semen Donation Form and send to the ALCA Office.

We would encourage people who donate to fill out an ALCA Heritage Bull Information Form.

Any information and photos collected will be kept as historical  data to ensure the preservation of genetics and history of the Australian Lowline breed.

We hope to provide this facility to preserve & safeguard Heritage Lowline genetics for future generations.

ALCA Heritage Semen Guidelines
ALCA Heritage Semen Release Form
ALCA Heritage Semen Donation Form
ALCA Heritage Bull Information Form