2017 Clifton Show, QLD

February 22, 2017

Judge: Mr Corey Evans

12 head were shown from 4 studs – Lik Lik Lowlines, Pittsworth State High School, Sunrise Lowlines & Ebony Lowlines, at their first show. Congratulations to all who competed.

All Breeds Heifer – 12 – 14 mths: 4th   Lik Lik Mia

Emily from Ebony Lowlines with her 2nd place heifer Alycam Lucerne

Bull Under 12 mths:  Pittsworth Model
Bull 16 – 20 mths:   Lik Lik Legend

Junior Champion Bull: Pittsworth Model
Res.Junior Champion Bull: Lik Lik Legend
Grand Champion Bull: Pittsworth Model

Female Under 12 mths:
1st   Lik Lik Mia
2nd Lik Lik Lunar

Females 16 – 20 mths:
1st    Lik Lik Liberty
2nd  Alycam Luncerne (Ebony Lowlines)
3rd   Lik Lik Lotus

Junior Champion Female: Lik Lik Melina
Res. Junior Champion Female: Lik Lik Liberty

Female Over 30 mths:
1st    Lik Lik Jelina                                                                                                 
2nd  Sunrise Jubilee (Christina Schiller)
3rd   Lik Lik Heiress

Senior Champion Female: Lik Lik Jelina
Res.Senior Champion Female: Sunrise Jubilee

Grand Champion Female: Lik Lik Melina

British Breeders Group:  3rd  Lik Lik Lowlines