Australian Lowlines are compact, beefy cattle derived from pure Aberdeen Angus genetics and all registered cattle are DNA-typed and parent-verified to maintain purity of the breed. Some benefits of Australian Lowline cattle include:

  • Better value – compact frames, excellent feed efficiency, early maturity and the ability to finish on grass, produce more kilos per hectare of high-quality beef faster, giving producers more dollars in their pocket.
  • Easily handled – Australian Lowline cattle are naturally polled, have good temperaments and are easy to manage making them ideal for women, children, retirees and everyone in between. Perfect for both lifestyle and commercial properties.
  • Environmentally friendly – low impact on paddocks and fences.
  • Showing opportunities – classes are provided at all Royal Shows and many country and regional shows in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Active support – ALCA Councillors are available to provide information, support and Council guidance. Promotion groups in all states of Australia and New Zealand also provide help and support to new breeders.
  • Certified Lowline Beef is an opportunity for ALCA members to establish a farm business selling their beef.

The Association welcomes new members of all ages and abilities. We have dedicated youth activities for young enthusiasts and will happily help guide you through promotion, competition, purchasing cattle and more.

For those interested in commercial breeding of Australian Lowline cattle, we have information about stud breeding, AI Approved sires, heritage semen and more. Lowline cattle are perfect for commercial breeding due to their compact size, longevity, easy calving and quality meat. If you’re looking for places to purchase Lowline beef, check our list of beef outlets.


Grow your own beef using Lowline cattle

Paddock to plate goodness for your family Grow your own beef! It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound to the average person, thanks to Lowline cattle which are compact and easily managed. If your home is on acreage, you have a small hobby farm or access to use paddock space – you can grow…

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Keen Teen Wins Supreme

It has been almost 3 years since my 17 year old nephew, Matt Cooney, made the big move to live with me at Rotherwood Lowline Stud in Cann River, Victoria. His growth and progress never ceases to amaze me and I would like to share this lovely story with everyone who has come to know…

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